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Tu sitio de miedo y terror en la red, todo lo que quieras saber del género de terror lo tendrás aquí.

god of war ascension megaera

Una vez que Kratos rechaza la esclavitud en la prisión y logra escapar, Megera y sus hermanas harán de Kratos su principal objetivo. Later after torturing Kratos, Kratos cuts her chest, breaking through her armor and cutting her abdomen. Megaera is one of the three Furies, or Erinyes, in Greek mythology. Después de un violento forcejeo, Kratos le corta el brazo a Megera. Megaera was known as "the Jealous One", as shown by the fact that she seems to be angered by Alecto's interruption while she was torturing Kratos. Before fighting Kratos her face was normal with pure skin and completion having no scars or bruises; after the fight with Kratos she sustains notable injuries with her face now having scars and an eye injury, and her right arm is gone. Interestingly, her spider legs and parasite minions have green carapaces, a color commonly associated with envy. However, Kratos dodges the Fury's first strike, causing her to break one of the chains holding his arms and enabling him to fight back. Megaera is also seen as the "Troublemaker Fury" since she had destroyed most of the Prison of the Damned, Megaera insults Kratos' fighting ability by telling him, "You fight like an. 1 History 2 Appearance 3 Powers and Abilities 4 Navigation During the war against the Primordials, all the negativity created by the Furies. Nika Futterman. Fury Kratos then 'kills' Tisiphone, but it turns out the one he killed was just another illusion. Doblaje For the full interview and more concept images, click here. The insect creatures latch into and burrow underneath the skin of any living creatures and control them. Megera Megaera is one of the Furies who pursue Kratos for breaking his bond with Ares. Ella, junto con las otras dos Furias, son las encargadas de sentenciar a Kratos por el asesinato de su esposa e hija. Chronologically, she is also the first deity to be killed by Kratos in the. Megaera and the rest of the Furies pursue Kratos for breaking his bond with Ares. She has a golden fury chest plate that perfectly fits the midsection of her body and outlines her stomach area, protecting her chest and stomach. The Fury then leaves the scene as the mutated hand attacks Kratos. As Kratos fights illusion Spartans, Megaera also attacks and is able to stand against Kratos quite well, causing powerful shockwaves with her attacks. Nika Futterman Origen Upon encountering Orkos in Delphi, Kratos is informed that the Furies were once fair in their judgement and punishment, but became ruthless because of Ares, the God of War whom convinced the Furies to help him conspire against Olympus. After giving Kratos a thorough and brutal beating, Megaera reveals her face by sliding her cracked mask up and hits Kratos one last time, breaking the bond around his neck in the process. The two of them crash through a wall, ending up in front of the head of Aegaeon. It has been revealed that Kratos was the one who ripped off her arm and therefore created a personal rivalry with him, hating him more than. Como se revela en un recuerdo de Kratos, durante uno de sus encuentros esta perdió su brazo al ser cortado por las Espadas del Caos. Like most immortal beings, Megaera looks upon mortals with contempt, as shown during the chase with Kratos during which she makes belittling comments against him and calls him a "worthless mortal". Inglés The six-legged fury Megaera is the first of 3 to be revealed in our latest Monsters of Ascension with Lead Concept Artist, Izzy – the mastermind behind their creation, and many other “Monsters” of God of War. God of War Wiki es una comunidad FANDOM en Juegos. El contenido de la comunidad está disponible bajo. She is the tertiary antagonist in God of War: Ascension. As the dazed Kratos stands up, Megaera brings out her spider-like appendages and attacks, saying "I'm quite skilled in teaching Respect!!" When Kratos was imprisoned, Megaera appeared in front of him. During Kratos's journey to Delos (shown in the second flashback of the game), he traverses the Statue of Apollo and eventually comes across an illusion of Sparta put together by Megaera and Tisiphone. Para ello lo encerrarán en una prisión del tamaño de un titán, donde el espartano tendrá que cargar con el peso de sus actos. You have caused me pain for the last time, Spartan! Megera se prepara para torturar a Kratos pero mientras lo golpeaba esta accidentalmente destruyó la cadena que lo mantenía inmovilizado, Kratos consigue liberarse y le da caza a la Furia por todo el Hecatónquiro mientras se enfrenta a los parásitos de Megera y otras criaturas, esta usa los parásitos incubados en su cuerpo y prosigue por infectar una de las manos del Hecatónquiro para atacar a Kratos, tras derrotar uno de los brazos Kratos sigue el recorrido por el Hecatónquiro, Megera vuelve a usar sus parásitos pero esta vez directamente en el rostro de Egeón, transformándolo en una feroz bestia, tratando de esquivar los ataques lanzados por este Kratos cae en una plataforma donde queda entre este y otro de sus brazos, tras herir a este ultimo, Kratos toma el control sobre este y lo utiliza para atacar directamente al rostro del Hecatónquiro dejándolo mortalmente herido pero este ataca al brazo montado por Kratos destrozándolo, Kratos aprovecha y salta al rostro del Hecatónquiro y ataca a Megera quien se encontraba sobre el, este le clava sus espadas y la lanza contra el suelo finalmente asesinándola, después de esto Kratos recupera el Amuleto de Uróboros al retirarlo de su cadáver. Ouranos (Father) †Tisiphone (sister) †Alecto (sister) †Aphrodite (sister)Orkos (nephew) †Kratos (Great-Nephew)Megaera's Parasites (off-spring) † Estado Muerta After a few blows are exchanged, Megaera accidentally destroys the chain holding Kratos's other arm; he promptly slashes at Megaera's abdomen and then charges into her, knocking them both off the ledge that the former was once bound on. También tiene la habilidad de controlar los cuerpos de otros, ya estén vivos o muertos, como si fueran marionetas, gracias al uso de unos parásitos que libera desde su pecho. Their battles are also the most brutal, with each of them slamming into another or fighting barehanded, Megaera torturing Kratos, Kratos cutting her arm and ripping it, to even falling from great lengths that could've killed the average person. Megera no hará uso de magia, ya que sus rápidos ataques serán de tipo físico. Megaera's Minions are organisms that have been infected by Megaera's Parasites and are forced to fight for the Fury against all those who stand in her way. Before her severed arm, Megaera has two arms with muscular dark claw hands and has a golden Fury helmet that she can slide up at will to conceal or reveal her face. Kratos is then subdued by the third Fury, Alecto, but before she or her sisters can apprehend him, they are stopped by the appearance of Orkos, who saves Kratos by teleporting them to a separate part of the statue away from the Furies. Thread Modes. Megaera was the cause of jealousy and punished people who committed crimes, especially marital infidelity. Mitología griega However, the child, Orkos, was considered weak by Ares and was thus disowned. María Elena Molina To please his mothers, Orkos became the oath-keeper. Especie 1 Mitología Griega 2 God of War: Ascension 3 Poderes y Habilidades 4 Curiosidades 5 Galería 6 Artículos relacionados Megera se presenta como una criatura… Por otra parte, gracias a las cuatro piernas extras, Megera ataca de forma muy dinámica, manteniendo a Kratos a cierta distancia, lo que impide al espartano acercarse lo suficiente a ella para atacarla físicamente.Entre sus ataques podemos diferenciar ataques de larga distancia con sus extremidades arácnidas, la creación de parásitos que salen de sus pechos y el mas común atrapar al espartano entre sus piernas, inmovilizándolo y golpeándolo con gran furia. N/A Megera tomó un gran rencor hacia Kratos después de haberle cortado el brazo, pues luego de capturarlo estaba más interesada en torturarlo (a modo de venganza) que disuadirlo de volver a servir a Ares. Con la ayuda de su hermana Tisífone pelearan y sera una batalla dura ya que sera ataques físicos y mágicos a distancia también se protegerán una ala otra.

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