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ktm duke 200 bs6

Duke has better output in power and torque than the RS. Nope.. there is no slipper clutch even In duke 200 bs6 model yet, Can i install slipper clutch on my duke 200 2017 model. Try Yamaha RX. Your height doesn't matter bro because I am 5'3 and I can ride Duke 200 so you can take and bike and if you will ride in proper instructions and drive carefully so you can buy Duke 200, Rc 200 is the best option u have to ride in city and for u r height rc 200 is comfortable, Both bikes will have similar maintenance costs, Duke 200 has more power and Duke 125 has better mileage, Both are similar in maintenance and slite changes in performance, Yes it is suitable for you broI am also skinny and I also have Duke 200. I usually get down from the bike during such instances. 1.76 Lakh in India. it's maintenance cost is pretty less, Average i would say not loo high nor too low, DUKE 390 has got the heating issues not the duke 200, infact the duke 200 liquid cooling works so fast that even if your bike gets heated in bumper to bumper traffic it gets cooled within no time. But you have to make some other modifications regarding this other than the slip on, Yes, you can install grunt slip on exhaust from Grease House customs, will give you some extra power, The new duke 200 comes with ABS variant only. Duke 200 comes with a seat height of 810mm, even though you won't get a plant foot, you can manage as it is a light weight bike. It can give you all the thrills and lessons if you're careful with it. But i would suggest you try short distances first. Duke 200 have a aggressive seating position where it might not be as comfortable as dominar. As i drive the duke 200,For reference my height is 5.6 and my legs still doesn't completely touch the ground, Why do you feel concerned abt your weight? Main documents is ITR of last 3 years and 6 month bank statements plus 2 blank cheques + photos, Yes you should. It is a very comfortable bike. how ever you will get the thrill of this bike when you ride it. The best.....Read More. 5,24,900 (ABS), whereas the new 2020 KTM Duke 200 BS6 price in Nepal is Rs. Stay tuned for further updates. I own a 2017 Bs4 duke 200 drove about 20k+ km till date and i must say i am totally in love with this machine, the pickup hasn"t changed a bit in this two years, 20k+ km but slight exhaust note has changed also some vibrations gets started but the solution for that just upgrade your engine oil to MOTUL 300V. It can be managed only if you are a rider who has prior experience. 5,24,900 (ABS), whereas the new 2020 KTM Duke 200 BS6 price in Nepal is Rs. This bike is an all rounder for any occasion , be it track days or touring or daily commutes ; this bike carries all the tasks with ease and tonnes of excitement when you twist your wrist. No doubt Duke 200 if you want great pickup but it's much more expensive than the NS and Apache but I would suggest if you can afford go for duke 200. because it may cause pain after riding for an hour. Depends on your choice. The newly launched BS6 variant is priced at Rs 5,39,900 in Nepali market. If you damage the exhaust then it will be around 9k for a new one.. and since it has ecu and electronic parts it may burn a hole in your pocket if you don't maintain it properly and responsibly, When compared to other lower/higher end bikes. call them and tell them you need loan. Produces around 24 ps and has perhaps the best power to weight ratio in the entry level sports naked bike segment. After all the KTM experience is great you will never get bored riding it even after many years but it requires maintenance too. No documents required for bookingYou need documents at the time of final delivery, It'll take a toll on milage.. Remember the 125duke competes with cheaper 150,160cc bikes while the rs competes with the likes of duke200, rtr200,etc.The engine of the rs200 was also derived from the duke200.Both bikes also returned almost the same mileage.For a 125cc bike the duke is quite powerful producing around 14bhp, but with a price tag of around 1.2lakh, its a bit too pricey for a 125. The 2020 KTM 200 Duke, one of the highest-selling KTM motorcycles in India, now gets a complete makeover to not just meet BS6 emissions, but also with design more in line with the 250 Duke and 390 Duke. Its been 3 yrs My CBR 250r Still gives 30kmpl. So there is no WIN OR LOSE both are best in there own ways, No difference as their topspeed is limited till 136kmph as far as drag race is concerned.KTM RC is known for trackdays.Duke is basically jack of all trades.Also do a test ride as ergonamically Duke is better, but still everyone has different taste you may like aggressive stance of rc so test ride will be great. 1.76 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Though below 5.5 ft height guys can drive the bike but its very difficult to cope up. KTM 200 Duke BS6 Colours: This variant is available in 3 colours: Orange,Orange,White. so just got it replaced with new one and it is fine now. If you end up buying one somewer it will be very painstaking to get it registered in the RTO. The cushion is stiff but that’s not a major issues seat can be replaced too. KTM’s Entire India Model Lineup Is Now BS6-compliant! About the question, Duke 200 would be a better choice as far as I think. We would suggest you to wait for the official announcement. Abs options available in duke 390 with dual channel and in RC 390 with with dual channel and single. I want to buy bs4 duke 200 please share the showroom details. The Duke 200 BS6 ground clearance is 170 mm. KTM 200 Duke BS6 To Get KTM 250 Duke-like Design Language! Just go for Duke390 that is best idea. 40 ka mileage deta h. Firstly, the character of both bikes are different from each other.. If you ask RC or Duke for a pillion ride then I'll go with Duke. And one more thing the mileage on the Duke 200 is better than 250 by a slight margin but if you look at it in a long run, it makes a huge difference. But if you want sports bike like feel , good mileage of around 32 -35 kmpl , better top speed of 155kmph , soothing sound , ABS and all this at less price then Go for RS200 . Yes it gets easily heated up in slow traffic conditions and then the air cooler fan automatically starts which throws all the warm air directly to your legs. If you are looking for a bike that you wanna use for the next 5 years or more with no repairs whatsoever then you can go for the duke with no second thoughts, but the duke is a little heavy on maintenance. KTM 200 Duke BS6 Price: The price of the KTM 200 Duke BS6 in Delhi is Rs 1.76 Lakh (Ex-showroom). No don’t spoil your stock setup. Ktm Duke 200 is an ultimate performance bike. Good bike for long drive is to good and hill station is give a good.But serviced is so expensive.Long drive i will get good mileage. Get Answers from 3 Lakh+ owners and auto-experts. Same old engine. Performance feels unchanged from the older model, which is a good thing. Ground clearance has dropped to 155mm as the exhaust now routes under the bike. Give’s Unbeatable power on that segment. The ns is a beautiful machine at a splendid price but the quality isn't in the lines of duke, you are prone to more repairs. This bike is meant to perform and will keep you hooked due to its power delivery when you need it. This 200cc machine is no joke and this has some serious pulling power given it is a 200cc engine. KTM 200 Duke features an saddle height of 810mm which would not be suitable as per your requirements. The design update has given the KTM 200 Duke a new lease of life. Exhaust Sounds good in BS4 Only. You can visit your nearest ktm showroom for more detailed answer. Check autolougedesign in Instagram. Yes, brother duke 200 BS6 is available in Agartala, Tripura. Please understand adjusting 10mm is not making bigger difference.. try to control yours own. Go for KTM without thinking twice. So, we would suggest you to exchange your words with nearest authrosed dealership for exact offer details. Because the seat is not well cushioned, you'll have to take short breaks every 1.5 hours. If you re lookin for daily commute and leisure go for the fz. Some banks gibe 100% loan and some banks give up to 90% on ex showroom price. And the design of duke200 is totally updated.. It can generate a max power of 25PS at 10000rpm and max torque of 19.3 Nm at 8000rpm. The only cons i feel is from my own experience is 1) as we all know ktm seats are hard but in bs4 they are some what better and soft, but after two years of usage it will turn into rock solid 2) The chain makes hell lot of noise once you cross 15k+ km even after performing regular lubing, in my case the chain and sprocket was good but donno what happened it started jumping up&down for no reason with making sound. Surely you can buy BS6. On the other hand, Husqvarna has priced its products below the KTM in India, whereas in other markets the ‘pilens are at a premium. On highway the windblast turns the duke 200 down because of street naked design which the RC has the advantage over that. .....Read More. That’s it. Furthermore, we would suggest you to get in touch with the nearest authorized dealership for more information. costly and high maintenance but worth it if you want style and looks of a aggressive street bike. It never goes that far. Demands less maintenance too, According to me I have ride both bikes and both bikes are good and both have their own qualities but if you can maintain bike service time to time so you can bye Duke 200 for long riding and I also have Duke 200 which I bought this year only so I will prefer you Duke 200 , Both bikes are very good, but duke has more power so you will be able to maintain higher speeds on the highway. Cost can go up incase you crash the bike but parts are not too expensive or too cheap , they are always available at the SVCs. KTM 200 Duke BS6 is the base variant in the 200 Duke lineup and is priced at Rs. This product is really awesome and the looks are excellent. For your height i suggest you to go for duke 250 even I'm from hyderabad and i drive duke 200 60km daily so from my experience i can say for sure duke 200 won't be comfortable for you.. Good for highway for mileage Good for city for performance, Really worth the price . Helmet always. If you want non-abs variant then you will have to buy second hand, new one comes with a non-switchable abs. Also, the fact that the new BS6-compliant motor does not lose out on performance almost makes it feel like a win-win. So its a perfect machine.. go ahead , It will suit for all purposes but not for total off roads. Duke 200 is, I think, the best bike to get if you're a beginner given that you're matured enough to ride a bike. We can enjoy riding it on every.....Read More, Truly said beast by nature and performance KTM. Go with it , given you have atleast ridden some lower cc motorcycles.If you don't know how to ride at all.I suggest you to practice and then go for it. It also gets an LED tail lamp and LED turn indicator. my definition of best - bike that meets all your needs in terms of riding comfort, usability, maintenance etc so i would recommend you to test drive all the 3 and feel it for yourself. No supermoto. Excellent value for money motorcycle. Duke 200 is best under 2Lakh no other option, Yes, very good,but if you an strech your budget a little buy the Duke 250. I strongly suggest the Apache RTR 200 ABS version. 4,99,900, while the one with ABS costs Rs 5,24,900. because there is lot of improvement. However, we would suggest you to take a test ride for a better understanding of comfort and compatibility. I will recommend any below 5.5ft height should avoid choosing KTM bikes. Nope if you want to cruise in triple digits speed...The character of Duke 200 is low end power but struggles at the top end so it makes cruising on highway bit difficult.. And also the tank capacity is around 10 liters which is very small you need to keep a eye on petrol bunks for every 200 + kilometers. KTM 200 Duke BS6 Colours: This variant is available in 3 colours: Orange,Orange,White. Can be used for city use and small rides, but if you plan to do long distance touring it may be uncomfortable for you. Looks are subjective and only you can decide on your own..th duke 200 beats the rc200 in comfort and practicality and The rc is track focus bike and the design, handlebars etc everything is set according to that so there won't be offering of comfort and all set to target the immense feel of riding & riding posture, even the smallest bump you can feel it and no matter what & how many techniques you use to drive at end of the long traffic day you end up hurting your wrist & back, coming to track & highway it gives hell lot of fun compared to Duke 200..The duke 200 is practical bike & posture is set in that way completely upright you can drive all day happily with out hurting anything.The suspension setup is Same for both it is on stiffer side but duke 200 is better on p*t holes and speedbraker because of upright posture. It’s non abs. Not anytime soon.. i guess it won't be getting such updates because the present model is doing well and yes pricing is increasing with the introduction of Duke/Rc 125 so ktm trying to remove the most affordable ktm tag for Duke 200 and letting the way and giving the tag for Duke/Rc 125..If the updates like you've mentioned is given then obviously the price will be crossing 2 lakhs which doesn't make any sense for a 200cc and so ktm trying to keep the price below 2 lakhs without any updates.. No. I got a mileage of 40 kmpl on my daily commuits.The bike itself is a Beast. You are fit for KTM. The new KTM 200 Duke gets a well-deserved cosmetic overhaul for 2020. It will mostly get duke 250 design like but minor graphics change. Let’s start with KTM Duke 200 BS6, it was the first KTM Bike to arrive in Nepal. If you like Nude bikes then you can go for 200 Duke & if you want to look stylish & want to feel the racing bike then go for RC200.As i am also a RC 200 Owner. City it’s always good, for weekend long rides yea can take it. Fixed price 1.85 lkhs . It's one of those bikes that won't let you ride it slow. It continues to get digital Console, LED indicators, anti-theft alarm, etc. City use mailage low Service cost duke 200Highway use touring.. Mailage 30 or below 30 top end good sliper clutch, If the conditions of village roads are bad go for bikes with better suspension travel. The current-gen 200 Duke is priced at Rs 1.62 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), but after the inclusion of a BS6-compliant engine, KTM could increase the price by around Rs 12,000. If you are looking for thrill ride then KTM but if you think of economy then RTR 180 is the one. And you must sale BS4 in your own for more money. The bike is ♡. A wonderful package still and will not disappoint you if you're considering to get one. Moreover, the documents required are proof of identity (Aadhar Card, Voter ID, etc,), proof of address (driving license, electricity bill, etc. If you like modifying your machine then you can use that extra 30k to modify your 200cc like adding a fog lamp or changing the mirrors to the bar end which adds to the already sharp and stunning look than just buying a 250cc duke. There is no ABS even as an option in Duke 200 and it is something that's sorely missed. Happy and Safe Riding. only you can decide what works best for you! If you maintain well the maintenance won't be problem and also the mileage is linked with the maintenance so everything interlinked just maintain well take good care so end of the day you won't be paying more for maintenance. Dont corner with them. RE's quality is not like before. I was running for my life in last 100 kms because the seat was hard. It has a high seat which causes trouble for short riders like me, I am 5.5 ft tall and mostly struggles while taking you turns and at traffic signal stops otherwise every thing is fine. In terms of power, KTM stands in the lead. Yes bro you can drive comfortably. KTM charges slightly more than RS or NS. This BS6 variant comes with an engine putting out and of max power and max torque respectively. Talking about the new design, KTM Duke 200 BS6 is available with all-new graphics and a new color scheme. It also gets an LED tail lamp and LED turn indicator. you now get sharp light and DRL inside it. You can expect around 35kmpl or less, if your good at throttle you can make out 37+ kmpl.. Tons of awesome KTM Duke 200 BS6 wallpapers to download for free. Yes you can.. The top speed of KTM 200 Duke is 142 kmph. Showroom condition .Reason for sale : I would like to buy Himalayan bs6 2020. In contrast, the Vitpilen speaks softly, but surely. Lastly the KTM service is outstanding, Bajaj service is miles behind. Your question has been submitted. i like that bike too. Moreover, the bike got a recent price hike due the BS6 update. KTM 200 Duke comes with a seat height of 820 mm and it would be difficult to give the seat height of BS4 model as it is not available. noe the seat height is around 818 mm for duke 200. don't do that. If your leg is able to touch the ground from even one side by tilting the ktm abit... you will be able to control it.

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