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Tu sitio de miedo y terror en la red, todo lo que quieras saber del género de terror lo tendrás aquí.

medusa tattoo design

With amazing shading and contouring skills, you can definitely achieve the same type of tattoo and show it off on your forearm. Medusa tattoo has been quite common among feminists. While Medusa quietly worships Minerva, she captures the attention of Neptune. Why do people get them, and what do they symbolize? This tattoo is also a good reminder to others that they should learn how to find the confidence in life and have the freedom to do whatever they want to because everyone deserves that. Some say the gorgon was created by Gaia (Mother Earth) to watch over the Titans. Minimalist Tattoos 9. This tattoo features the face of Medusa inked in black, with pure white eyes and black tears falling out of her eyes to showcase some emotion. To add that haunting element, her eyes are often without pupils or irises. It is a reminder that their bodies belong to them and no one else. In a monstrous act, Neptune rapes Medusa in the temple of Minerva. You should avoid getting a tattoo on your ribcage, abdomen, pelvic region, or areas your most likely to expect will stretch. The two outcasts wash up on an island, grabbing the attention of King Polydectes. Some other common meanings derived from this tattoo are magic, evil, transformation, personality, feminine power, lifecycle, death, jealousy, envy, and freedom. She is known as a gorgon, a hideous creature. This tattoo symbolizes a lot of emotion but has portrayed that in a very different way by mixing it up with dancing. It is best to avid fully white-inked tattoos, and instead, use them only to highlight certain features in your tattoo. Medusa is a ubiquitous mythological figure. This is the best tattoo that allows you to showcase different forms of emotions. This tattoo is quite meaningful as the wings in this tattoo symbolize freedom. In others, Medusa is boasting of her superior beauty in the goddess’s temple. If you plan on getting a unique tattoo such as a Medusa tattoo, make sure you stick around and go through the different Medusa tattoo ideas and their mythical and powerful meanings. This tattoo showcases a lost feeling in Medusa’s eyes, signifying how your soul feels right now. You might like some help from Medusa to keep the haters at bay. Medusa derives from Greek mythology; she was one of the most powerful monstrous women who could kill men with a flick of a stone. Depends on who you ask. Women get Medusa tattoos for many reasons, and now that the design has been more modified into different colors and the way it appears, people are more likely to get this tattoo. Your white inked tattoo is most likely to fade into a slight pink hue, but the color won’t completely change. Medusa’s gorgon sisters don’t get much attention beyond that one legend. This is an interesting parable, considering how often victims are blamed even today. This way, if she does wake up, he can avoid her petrifying gaze. In this tattoo, Medusa is spreading her hands, which portrays that she’s dancing. This tattoo includes a real portrait of Medusa inked in black and grey. Not many people will understand why you would go with a tattoo of Medusa. She’s just too intriguing. This tattoo has a lot going on and is a good way to showcase emotion and power. In this tattoo, the face of Medusa appears inked in black, with lots of shading done to highlight facial features. This tattoo has a lot going on and is the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for something unique in it. Her story has been told in many different ways by many different people. Sketchy Tattoos 11. In 8 AD, the Roman poet Ovid wrote an epic poem. 75 Quote Tattoos that Will Inspire Everyone! While Medusa may have been very beautiful, her powers brought out the dangerous side of her. The young man succeeds in his quest, and uses Medusa’s head to ward off attacks on the way home. The same thing applies to men as well, due to which they commonly get this tattoo design. You will notice that most Medusa tattoos have snakes on her head. You will commonly find women with a Medusa tattoo on their thigh. Medusa’s story may be just a myth, but many women till today look up to her as they see many feminine instincts in Medusa’s character. Much has been written about Medusa, but she has three defining characteristics. But, the best way to always choose the right placements is first figuring out what type of Medusa tattoo design you want as your next tag. This tattoo is perfect for both men and women and would look incredibly stunning once gotten. A few of the most common places for Medusa tattoos are the thigh, leg, back, and arm. Not many people will understand why you would go with a tattoo of Medusa. He is the Roman equal of Poseidon, the god of water and sea. Medusa tattoos also have wings portraying Medusa as a flying creature. Small Medusa Tattoos 4. Medusa is a Greco-Roman goddess with an interesting reputation. This tattoo consists of the face of Medusa with lovely detailing on her face. At first, there was only one mythological gorgon. Check out our gallery- but don’t look directly in her eyes! Henceforth, Medusa is unable to have a relationship as she can’t look at any potential suitors in the eye. This placement is quite secretive and ideal for people who don’t want to showcase their tattoos to others, especially within a work environment. Medusa tattoos have been in the mix for quite some time and include one of the most detailed and magnificent designs. A frightening guardian of the underworld, and in some cases a protective figure. Because of this myth, she is often used as a symbol of protection. The act of getting a Medusa tattoo can be a powerful statement for feminists. In any version of the tale, Medusa’s beauty and sexuality is seen as dangerous. The tattoo artist has done some incredible shading on her face and hands to highlight her bodily features. How clearly does my skin have to be before getting a tattoo? And in this story, she is particularly vindictive. The tattoo artist has added a few scaled lines below, along with some mini circles that include shading to emphasize the geometrical style. Black-work Tattoos 5. See more ideas about medusa tattoo, tattoos, medusa. Many people get Medusa tattoos just for the sake of the unique appearance with all the jewels and stylish accessories portrayed in the tattoo design. He confronts Medusa in her sleep, and uses a bronze shield to look at her. There are also some peach inked snakes roaming around Medusa’s head. She is a chaste young woman, and one day goes to Minerva’s temple to worship. The snakes in this tattoo symbolize the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. One thing remains constant: Minerva always punishes Medusa without addressing Neptune’s actions. But in every story, King Polydectes orders Perseus to bring him the head of Medusa. This tattoo also helps to portray you as a person who is on the go and always one step ahead of others. Seeing this, Minerva becomes enraged by the disrespectful act in her temple. If you want to go all out and achieve a fully descriptive Medusa tattoo, then consider getting that on your full body starting from your chest. So spend less time thinking and more time on your hunt for finding the perfect tattoo artist who can deliver you with the best Medusa tattoo. Depends on who you ask. Medusa is punished for Neptune’s actions. This meaning is significant to those people seeking a new change in life and want to highlight the transformation in their lives. Learn how your comment data is processed. The snakes on her head are also inked in black and grey inked. With Medusa’s unique features and ubiquitous reputation, the possibilities are endless. Bracelet Tattoos 14. The tattoo includes a black and grey tattoo of Medusa wearing a long black gown with a snake wrapped around the dress and black and grey snakes coming out of her head. Around her face are four hands coming out from all sides, surrounded by different black and grey flowers with one big snake spiraling over. There is no proof that Medusa could fly, but the wings on this tattoo represent freedom showcasing your care-free attitude and how you work in this world to live your life to the fullest. This gives them a playful, stylistic look that will definitely turn some heads. In early Roman and Greek myth, Medusa is more of a plot device than a goddess or monster in her own right. The texturing and the design shades are perfectly matching. Is she a feminist icon to you, a protective symbol, or just your favorite monster? These snakes are the main creatures that help identify Medusa as a powerful creature. There are many Medusa tattoos you will come across that portray haunting eyes with snakes all over. This Medusa dance tattoo is one of the most entertaining and unique tattoos you will come across. With so many tattoos ideas available out there, choosing the right one can be a bit hard unless you know what type of tattoo you’re trying to achieve. If yes, then the best way to do that is by trying out this Medusa’s broken heart tattoo. He weaves mythology with famous figures such as Julius Ceasar. But that shouldn’t matter as long as you can relate to it. Black & Grey Medusa Tattoos. This is where we get into some of the creative ways people have interpreted Medusa’s qualities. Before the birth of Perseus, the King had been wanting to produce a proper heir. There are many other meanings you can perceive from this tattoo. Medusa was also known for her beauty; hence the tattoo of Medusa symbolizes beauty. The intent behind the tattoo will help you choose a look. The meaning behind the Medusa tattoo links to the story behind this monstrous creature that has many protective instincts. Overall, the tattoo has a unique appearance of Medusa compared to the other standard ones. She is often seen as a feminist icon, and is a popular tattoo with women as a result. Read on to deepen your knowledge of this intriguing serpentine figure. Armed with some gifts from the gods, Perseus sets out on his quest. You could also go for this floral Medusa tattoo and achieve a cool tattoo look. If you’re planning to start a family, you must avoid getting a tattoo in certain places on your body as it would disrupt the whole design, and your body will start to stretch. Medusa might feature more of a feminine side, but the meanings associated with this tattoo relate to both men and women. Realistic Tattoos 3. Are you thinking of getting a Medusa tattoo? The vacant eyes give her an otherworldly quality and symbolize her dangerous qualities. That could be because her head is her most defining feature, but it could also be a reference to her gruesome death. This tattoo includes the face of Medusa outlined in black ink, but this time you can see her neck, tatted in a diamond shape-like figure. The main feature in this tattoo is the wings inked in black and white that showcases the power to fly all over. Consider amethyst purples, ruby reds, and emerald greens. In this myth, Medusa is less of a character in her own right and more a symbol of achieving impossible tasks. Can’t decide on a design? In some stories, Minerva/Athena transforms Medusa because she is jealous of her beauty. Fierce cave monster, or an innocent victim? This tattoo portrays a very dark image of Medusa and identifies her as a monster ready to sting the people she can’t stand. It also includes great contouring and shading that helps highlight her facial features in the tattoo. New School Medusa Tattoos 12. In this and many other stories, women are seen as property. Also, keep in mind if you want your tattoo to be visible or not so that you don’t feel conscious once you’ve got it.

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